• Image of LUUK Van Den BROEK

Blue print ink, used by architects to print their technical plans, was applied to the table’s surface. After, Van den Broek arranged his personal objects on the same surface. Brought outside just as the sun rose, the objects shadows were exposed like a monoprint or photograph. The result reflects a very specific moment in time, a moment that could reflect a client’s arrangement of personal objects.

Eindhoven based, Luuk van den Broek is a storyteller, material composer, and craftsman. A recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven, his work translates the exploration of moments in time through material, color, and personal experience. Stories that van den Broek shares with a wider audience, also facilitating their experiences. As a member of Collaboration O (www.collaboration-o.nl), one of the Netherlands most celebrated collective ateliers, he is part of the new wave of Dutch designers working with sourced material on a more intuitive level.